SUPER 2021-2023

As part of our effort to strengthen the Malaysian startup ecosystem, we are now leading the implementation of the Malaysia Startup Ecosystem Roadmap 2021-2030 (SUPER). The SUPER roadmap was established by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) to identify key areas of focus and action to drive the expansion and development of the startup ecosystem in Malaysia.

The SUPER roadmap outlines 33 initiatives that will be implemented over the next 10 years to fulfill the SUPER vision of creating Malaysia as a leading startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. The 6 key pillars of the roadmap are talent development, funding, market access, regulatory environment, innovation and technology, and social impact. Moreover, this includes collaborating with government agencies, industry players, and the startup community to ensure the success of the SUPER vision.

The SUPER roadmap is a significant step towards strengthening the startup ecosystem in Malaysia and our leadership in the implementation of the SUPER roadmap is a testament to our commitment in supporting the growth and development of startups in the country.


To be Top-20 Global Startup Ecosystem by 2023

To be Top-20 Global Startup Ecosystem by 2023

Cradle is leading the implementation of

Creation of a one-stop portal for startups

An end-to-end facilitator to ease the process for startups in Malaysia

Collecting data and employing a monitoring and evaluation frame-work for the ecosystem in order to make informed decisions and foster continuous agility

Deepening the seamless collaboration between existing platforms and facilitating agencies

The portal aims to bring together all startup-relevant resources,
From the Government as well as the private sector


A study which offers holistic interventions for the major pain points faced by our stakeholders in the ecosystem, not leaving anyone in the ecosystem behind.