Established in 2021, MYStartup is a national project initiated by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) powered by Cradle. With the aim to be the ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship by 2030, MYStartup is strategically centered around three core pillars: founders, investors, and developers. These pillars serve as the cornerstones for forging an inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. MYStartup builds initiatives such as MYHackathon, MYStartup Accelerator / Pre-Accelerator, MYStartup Bootcamp, MYStartup Dev and Venture Connect, which are all aimed to guide and provide a platform to accelerate and spur the growth of the ecosystem. Building the ecosystem from the ground up, MYStartup is part of the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (SUPER) which has been mandated to ensure that initiatives by MYStartup benefit the startup ecosystem as a whole. This effort is also in tandem with MOSTI’s target of creating 5,000 startups and 10,000 coders by 2030.  

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The founder track aims to accelerate the growth and development of early-stage startups through various ideation and capacity-building programmes such as bootcamps and accelerators

The developer track aims to address the skillset gap between the education system and the demands of the tech industry by building a community that provides learning, upskilling and


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